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See what my students have to say about their experience working with me.

"Luiz consistently demonstrates a commitment to the well-being and development of all students. He is attentive to our learning, both in class and outside, by encouraging us to speak more Portuguese whenever possible and providing us the opportunity to text and email him in Portuguese. The classes are very personalized, flexible, and fun, and I feel actively engaged in my learning. I think that this approach has helped me improve my language skills much more than anticipated. "

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"Luiz and I met to discuss my desire to learn Portuguese before scheduling a lesson. I left the meeting with the sense that Luiz had a good understanding of how to initially approach our sessions. 

Luiz has the foundational intellectual approach of a trained scientist (which he is),

and I believe that this allows him to create lessons that always impart the basic structural concepts of the language. However, he also imbues the lessons with cultural content and a great deal of humor that make the lessons fun and interesting.

I believe I have made significant progress in my speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Pronunciation is a challenge for me, but Luiz emphasizes that area for me in the lessons, which has helped me to make significant improvements."

“I never thought I would be able to learn a new language and the whole experience with Luiz has seriously proved me wrong. I think I had so much trouble learning languages before because other classes had no individual attention and a lot of pressure. This isn't the case with Luiz; he is super attentive and patient which makes going to class fun and the learning process less intimidating. It's nice that we can go at a pace that works for us and can practice reading, listening and speaking. Luiz is really good at explaining new topics and quickly correcting little problems. I would definitely recommend his service if you want to learn Portuguese! “




"From our first meeting, Luiz came extremely prepared with my lesson plan. I appreciate that he formatted the material so that I was immediately speaking Portuguese from the first lesson using some of the vocabulary I already had. Lessons with Luiz are fun, enjoyable and extremely productive. I am continuing to learn the Brazilian Portuguese language and am happy to call Luiz a very supportive friend."


"With Luiz, I have become more comfortable speaking and learning Portuguese. I instantly responded to Luiz's teaching approach, with lots of repetition, listening, and a conversational attitude. His careful attention to detail in how we pronounce words has led us to become better students. Luiz is extremely patient and always encourages us. I can see that he loves the language and loves being a teacher. He truly wants to help those who are interested in learning a new language. I look forward to class with Luiz!"

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"Professionalism. Finesse for tutoring. Ability to be flexible to suit the content and approach to the needs of the student, while maintaining a good control over choice of materials and learning activities to stay focused."

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