Poor communication, missed opportunities.

Faulty communication with customers and colleagues whose first language is not English gets in the way of offering the best products and speedy service. Add to this picture the cultural quirks and you have a lot of missed business opportunities.

Learn to communicate in Portuguese in an entirely customized way.

Traditional language learning does not address individual needs. Each learner has distinct professional goals, language skills and learning style. Godoy Tutoring’s unique approach to teaching Brazilian Portuguese is based on:

  • Exposure to the new language by bicultural, bilingual instructor

  • Language learning program tailored to specific goals

  • Individual attention

  • Flexible schedule

  • Constant feedback from student

  • Frequent evaluation/restrategizing by instructor

Short term benefits

  • Improved communication

  • Acquired business-specific vocabulary

  • Easier adaptation of expats to new culture

Long term benefits

  • Understanding of cultural aspects that affect business

  • More projects advance at a faster pace

  • Optimal relationship with clients and therefore more business

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Luiz Godoy, Ph.D.

Originally from Brazil, I came to the USA to work as a research scientist at MIT and UMass Medical School in 2005. Working at those institutions for over a decade was an amazing experience, as I interacted with and learned from colleagues with the most diverse backgrounds and expertise. I now passionately dedicate my time entirely to teaching Portuguese, my first language. Being a mentor and teacher is extremely rewarding to me. I strongly value teacher/student interactions based on building confidence because I realize how this helps students fulfill their potential and grow in every aspect of their lives--well beyond the subject we study together.

Client recommendations

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A.D., Grant Thornton Ltd

“I used Luiz's language tutoring services to assist in my transition to Brazil. Luiz took the time to understand my current language skills/competencies and developed a plan that has helped me improve my language ability significantly. In previous trips abroad, I was not able to follow the conversation in meetings and now I am able to not only follow the discussion but also speak with confidence in another language.”

M.H.,  Education Development Center 

“Professionalism. Finesse for tutoring. Ability to be flexible to suit the content and approach to the needs of the student, while maintaining a good control over the choice of materials and learning activities to stay focused.”

andy s.jpg

A.S., Fifth Wall

“None of my language teachers ever came close to matching the clarity, passion, and flexibility that Luiz put into every single one of our lessons. Working for a Brazilian company in the US, our entire team ended up taking individual classes with him and showed noticeable improvements in a short amount of time. Even more remarkably, Luiz effortlessly tailored our lessons perfectly to fit each of our diverse backgrounds and levels of progress, ensuring that every single student received the perfect lesson every time.”

J.G., Enel X

“Luiz has the foundational intellectual approach of a trained scientist (which he is), and I believe that this allows him to create lessons that always impart the basic structural concepts of the language. However, he also imbues the lessons with cultural content and a great deal of humor that make the lessons fun and interesting.”